DABS Art Event at Gallaudet Pavilion

Last year the owner of HR-57, Tony Puesan, started the process to open a beer garden and music venue behind Union Market in a lot owned by Gallaudet University (GU). The event space, called Gallaudet Pavilion, will be temporary until GU develops the lot in a few years time. The entrance to the venue is on Penn Street between 5th and 6th. The business and alcohol licenses are in place and final construction of a main stage for performances and other finishes are wrapping up. They are now projecting a formal opening on or around May 1st.

As they are ready to operate Gallaudet Pavilion now they will be hosting an event this Saturday, March 13th, from noon until 5:00 pm. This event is a memorial for Berkeley Garth Leopold Wright (aka DABS), a mural artist, community activist, and photographer who passed away in November. The event will include Live Painting, a Youth Paint Jam, Yoga, Live Music and Spoken Word, DABS Photo Gallery and Tribute Art. There is a Facebook page with additional details on the public event. This will be the first of many events expected in this nearby performance venue this spring and summer. 

IMG_7529 IMG_7533 IMG_7537






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