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Meeting Tonight re: 1264 Holbrook Terrace NE

Tonight at Trinidad Recreation Center there is a meeting about the development at 1264 Holbrook Terrace NE. Please see information below from Commissioner Shropshire.


Sending a friendly reminder about the meeting this evening with the BZA Applicant 19173 (1264 Holbrook Terrace NE) at Trinidad Rec Center at 7 pm. We are meeting with them so that they can share their proposed changes based on community feedback.

BZA Applicant 19168 will not meet with us this evening. This applicant indicated that they have interest in withdrawing their BZA application which requested special exemption for additional 4.2 feet, and they plan to renovate by right within the permissable 35 feet based on community feedback. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Keisha L Shropshire
Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, 5D02
Cell: 404-245-6772
Twitter: shropanc5d02


Remember that Florida Ave Multimodal Transportation Study?

Three years ago, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) started a multimodal transportation study of Florida Avenue, focusing on the stretch from North Capitol to H Street/Benning Road. study-area1-1024x614The study was to “evaluate safety, streetscape, and operational enhancements to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists while ensuring all users have safe access within and through this important corridor”. Ultimately outcomes would recommend ways to improve safety and balance transportation needs of all users (pedestrians, bikers, and vehicle drivers) of this corridor.

Community Outreach Advisors that participated in the report included, among many others, the former ANC 5D06 Commissioner, a former Trinidad resident and TNA board member, staff of Gallaudet University, and a representative of New Samaritan Baptist Church.

A website for the study was established to provide information to the public and houses reports from the initial meetings through the release of the final report. This includes meetings as far back as June 2013 with residents of Delta Towers. The final report, completed in February 2015, was released by DDOT on February 26, 2016. The report is available on the website and is in two .pdf files (Part 1 and Part 2). There are short-term recommendations that focus on the “virtual circle” where New York and Florida Avenues intersect.

The report, released a year after completion, will need to be reviewed for full context and understanding but the recommendations listed on pages 110-111 are included below:

“Some smaller scale changes to the study area can likely be implemented much sooner than changes to the roadway configuration. These include:

  • Changes to off-peak parking restrictions east of West Virginia Avenue to match the recommendation in Alternative 4 that parking only be restricted in the peak direction during each peak period.
  • Continued short-term refinement of the ongoing changes to 6th Street NE north of Florida Avenue. During the development of this report, this section of 6th Street was restriped to include a two-way cycle track on the east side of the roadway (consistent with Alternative 3) and curb extensions with flower pots at the Neal Place pedestrian crossing.
  • Possible bike lanes on West Virginia Avenue, contingent upon parking occupancy availability as determined through a parking study.
  • Pavement marking, signal timing changes, and signing modifications at the Virtual Circle.
  • Cutting back the curb at First Street NE/ Florida Avenue to allow eastbound buses to again travel through the Virtual Circle and onto Florida Avenue
  • Further dialogue with the COA will also help highlight locations for more fine-grained interventions such as collaboration with National Park Service regarding the use and maintenance of the small triangular parks under NPS ownership, and matters of access and driveways.

As some of these short-term recommendations come to fruition, DDOT will be working with design firms to develop a full design of Florida Avenue NE between 2nd Street NE and Holbrook Street. Pending funding availability, reconstruction of Florida Avenue could occur in 2021, or sooner, pending project readiness and funding availability. The District Department of Transportation expects and encourages ongoing dialogue about Florida Avenue and surrounding streets beyond this planning study. Project milestones and known next steps will continue to be shared with the Community Outreach Advisors group and regular check-ins with ANCs.”

For background on this project you can also read previous posts about public meetings on the TNA blog (links are: June 5, 2013October 7, 2013March 27, 2014).

We hope that you can take time to review the document and continue discussions on how to make our streets and sidewalks safe for all Trinidad residents. We will also be reading through the document in the coming days but did want to share that is was finally made available to the public for our review.

Street Sweeping Resumes March 1st, Parking Fines Resume March 8th

Check which side of the road you are parked on on Wednesday and Thursday mornings through October and avoid parking fines. Street sweeping will resume throughout the city on March 1st. Scheduled street sweeping in Trinidad is on Wednesdays and Thursdays, alternating sides of the street. Below is the announcement from the Department of Public Works on the resumption of street sweeping and parking enforcement (March 8th).

Residential street sweeping season to continue through October 31.

(WASHINGTON, DC) The Department of Public Works announced today that residential mechanical street sweeping will resume Tuesday, March 1. Signs are posted that identify the days of the week and hours of the day when parking restrictions will be enforced so the sweepers can clean the streets effectively. The fine for violating this restriction is $45.

“This program is critical to keeping the District clean,” said Acting DPW Director Christopher J. Shorter. “During the 2015 sweeping program, we achieved a 28% increase in the tonnage of litter and debris collected by touching nearly every District street at least once per month between March and October. Many of these streets had never received a sweeper cleaning. Additionally, we created a pilot deployment for the first shift to clean major inbound/outbound arteries before the start of the morning residential routes.

To help accustom motorists to the restrictions, DPW will issue warnings between Tuesday, March 1 and Friday, March 4, 2016 to vehicles parked during the sweeping periods. “We want to thank motorists in advance for keeping the curb lanes clear so the sweepers can clean the streets. Their cooperation is what makes the program successful,” said Director Shorter.

He added that a supervisor follows behind the sweeper and may require the block to be swept again, so motorists shouldn’t park until the end of the posted two-hour sweeping period. He also noted that parked cars may be towed to allow the sweepers access to the curbside. Generally, parking is prohibited for two hours (9:30 am to 11:30 am or 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm) while sweeping is underway, but where parking is allowed on only one side of the street, vehicles will be allowed to park on one side and the following day they may park on the other side.

Signs posted along street sweeping routes indicate the program runs from March 1 through October 31, but this will be the first year the long-range forecast will allow a March 1 start date. The sweeper emits a fine spray of water to help control dust so DPW does not operate the sweepers when the temperature is below freezing or snow or ice already are on the ground.

In FY 2015, DPW street sweepers covered about 26,000 miles of streets, removing litter and pollutants by brushing them onto a conveyor system, which transports the material into a debris hopper. In addition to sweeping residential streets during spring, summer and fall, DPW also sweeps commercial streets overnight year-round (weather permitting), and parking restrictions also apply.

For more information about street sweeping, go to

The Department of Public Works (DPW) provides essential city services in two distinct program areas: environmental services/solid waste management and parking enforcement. Both contribute to making our District streets and public spaces clean, safe, attractive and accessible for all residents, businesses, commuters and visitors.
# # #

Linda Grant
Public Information Officer
DC Department of Public Works
2000 14th Street, NW, 6th Floor
Washington, DC 20009
202/671-0642/fax Visit us on Facebook!
Follow us on Twitter

Petco Grand Opening on Saturday

We previously reported on some new retail near Hecht’s Warehouse in Ivy City. If you have pets that you are caring for in your home, the grand opening of the new Petco on New York Avenue NE in Ivy City may be of interest. They are planning events on Saturday and Sunday with some discounts or give aways for early customers.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 9.24.18 PM


ANC 5D06 Meeting

On March 3rd at 7:00 pm Commissioner Yvonne Buggs will hold a Single Member District Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting at the Joe Cole Recreation Center on Neal Street.

The presentation and discussion will be on the request from Mike’s Market or Trinidad Market. The owners have requested a Class A Liquor license from the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) and there is a settlement agreeDSC_3898ment with the community in process. This will be an opportunity for community members to meet with the representative of the business and provide input on granting of a license or what they should agree to do in exchange for a license (cleaning around the building, hours, security, etc.). The Metropolitan Police Department will also attend to provide a law enforcement update and answer community questions.

Breast Cancer in Ward 5

Did you know that Ward 5 has the highest rate of late stage breast cancer? Learn more about education, earlier detection, and access to mammogram services at a free event with Medstar Washington Hospital at Old Engine 12 Restaurant this Saturday.

I Love Me Invitation

To Ward 5 Residents and Organizations

You are invited to:

Medstar Washington Hospital Center
First Annual I Love Event- Get2Breast Cancer Project ( SEE ATTACHED FLYER)
Saturday February 27, 2016
12 pm – 5 pm
Old Engine 12 Restaurant
1626 North Capitol Street NW (near Florida Avenue and North Capitol St)
WDC 20001

This project targets women who live in Ward 5. Ward 5 women have the highest rate of late stage breast cancer in the city. Come out if you can and support this event.

Free Admission
Breast Cancer Education and Navigation Services
Food and Prizes will be offered

RSVP to 202-525-9381

“Early Detection is the key to survival”


2016 Summer Youth Employment Program Applications Open

Today the Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) applications open for District of Columbia residents between the ages 14 and 24.  SYEP is subsidized by the DC government to provide youth summer employment in the private and government sectors. The on-line application process opens at 4:00 pm and additional information can be accessed on the website. Additional information is included below.

If you know youth that reside in DC and would be interested in summer employment, please share the link and information with them. It is a great opportunity to learn skills and workforce readiness while earning money over the summer. If computer access is an issue, there are public computers available at the recreation centers and at the DC public libraries that can be accessed to complete the applications.

Additional information from the website: 

Through MBSYEP, we strive to provide young people with the opportunity to:

  • Earn money and gain meaningful work experience;
  • Learn and develop the skills, attitudes, and commitment necessary to succeed in today’s world of work;
  • Gain exposure to various exciting career industries; and,
  • Interact with dynamic working professionals in a positive work environment.

Though MBSYEP is a short-term employment and training program, our goal is to introduce our youth to employers who will positively impact their futures.

Employers in the Washington, DC metropolitan area make this annual program possible by volunteering to serve as Host Employers and providing structured job opportunities for youth during the summer.

Program Dates

2016 MBSYEP applications will go live on Wednesday, February 24 at 4:00 p.m.

This year, MBSYEP will start on Monday, June 27, 2016 and will end on Friday, August 5, 2016.

The six-week program will consist of 29 days of work (Monday, July 4, 2016 is observed as a holiday and youth will not be paid for this day).

Program Capacity

This year, MBSYEP will provide jobs for District youth between the ages of 14-24 years old who apply prior to the deadline and complete necessary registration requirements.

In addition, Mayor Bowser has expanded the program to provide jobs for District youth between the ages of 22-24 years old. These youth must also apply prior to the deadline and complete necessary registration requirements to secure a job this summer.
Service Contact:
Office of Youth Services
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (202) 698-3492
Contact Fax: (202) 698-5693
Contact TTY: TTY
Contact Suite #: 2nd Floor
Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Suited Up to Play Basketball

Last fall TNA organized a fundraiser at Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club to support youth programs in our community. Basketball uniforms for children at the Trinidad Recreation Center were one of the items purchased with funds raised by community members. If you haven’t had a chance to catch one of the games, here are some photos of a game played last Saturday, February 20th against a team from Benning Stoddert Recreation Center. The Trinidad team’s new uniforms are in red.

Great effort by the Trinidad team!

IMG_6398 IMG_6400 IMG_6405 IMG_6415 IMG_6431 IMG_6444 IMG_6453 IMG_6462 IMG_6468 IMG_6470

REMINDER: TNA Meeting Tonight

The February TNA meeting will be held at the Trinidad Recreation Center (1310 Childress St NE) starting at 7 pm this evening. Join us for discussions on third party ambulance service in DC, BEST Kids Mentoring, DOES job training and apprentice programs, and more.


Mobilizing Our Community

Last summer and fall some members of the Trinidad Community took part in Mobilizing Our Community at the Atlas Performing Arts Center. The mobiles were designed and built by community members and were then on display during the H Street Festival in September. Now the largest mobile from the project is the set for a wonderful dance performance during the Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival.

Here’s all the info from the Atlas Theater about the event:

See the code below for a 20% discount on tickets. The performance is great for all ages, 5 and up, but is not just for children!

**New York-based General Mischief Dance Theatre’s new production “Up and Away” is coming to Washington D.C.! The company’s new dance stories include Suite Shel inspired by the poems of Shel Silverstein, and Recreation featuring a 20-foot mobile built by Kevin Reese and Washington D.C. volunteers from the 2015 Mobilizing Our Community project! Mischief uses the power of joy and laughter to share ideas, and the performance is suitable for mischiunnamed-2efs young and old.

Saturday, February 27th at 11:30am
at the Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street NE
Washington D.C. 20002

Tickets $10/$15

[Mobilizing Our Community participants can get 20% off using code MOBILES]


Thank you and hope to see you there!

Mary Hall Surface
Resident Artist and Curator
Atlas Performing Arts Center

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