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Zoning Update: 1609 Levis Street

The hearing for the property at 1609 Levis Street was held on September 22nd. The Board of Zoning Adjustment unanimously approved the variance (lot width) sought. Background on the variance requested is in our previous posting.

UPDATE: BZA Case 19051 at 1609 Levis Street NE

Mr. Richard Gbolahan and Mr. Dominic Chidozie appeared at the ANC meeting on July 14th. The Commissioners did not review application 19051 requesting a 1.3-foot variance on lot width at 1609 Levis St NE as the community was not involved in meetings with the developer to hear information and make an informed decision. The ANC did not have time to properly review and react to the request either so they did not comment on whether they would oppose or approve the application. They asked for an extension from the BZA instead so that the developer could properly conduct meetings in the community.

Mr. Gbolahan and Mr. Chidozie appeared before the Board of Zoning Adjustment on July 21, 2015 in reference to their request. Given that the ANC did not review the application and that the Affidavit of Posting was submitted two days late, the BZA did not review the application during their meeting. September 22nd was set as the new date for the BZA to hear the application for BZA Case 19051. The applicants need to reach out to neighbors and ANC prior to that date.

A video recording of the BZA Hearing can be viewed here:


BZA Case 19051: 1609 Levis St NE

Mr. Richard Gbolahan from Colombia, MD submitted a request for variance on 1609 Levis St NE to the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) in DC’s Office of Zoning. The variance requested is for lot area and width requirements to build a new three-story, single-family dwelling on an empty lot. The property is on the south side of Levis and is one of two empty lots between the back of Mudrick’s and a row of single family town houses. The lot is zoned R-4, meaning that the building must meet the new requirements outlined to limit height and size of homes in neighborhoods like Trinidad.

Documents and architectural drawings submitted to BZA can be found on the website. The applicant is requesting an area variance of 531 feet in the minimum lot area (1,269 feet is proposed for the lot as is but 1,800 feet are allowable under zoning regulations adopted since the lot was drawn). In addition, the lot is 16.67 feet but up to 18 feet are allowable under current regulations. The applicant requests 1.33 feet width variance. The Office of Planning has stated that they are in agreement with the variance as the lot is nonconforming.

The case was discussed at the recent ANC5D meeting (Tuesday, July 12th) but the ANC could not vote on the issue as there had not been a prior meeting with the Single Member District 5D07, as is standard procedure for cases where zoning variance is being sought. The hearing before BZA was originally scheduled to take place on Tuesday, July 21st. The ANC passed a motion to request a delay until the community is given the opportunity to provide feedback through the ANC. Commissioner Lee should be preparing a meeting with the SMD to receive input in the coming weeks. Please be on the look out for notices about the meeting if you are in the SMD or are a close neighbor and are interested in attending to hear from the property owner/developer.

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