Minutes for April Meeting


Date: 4/22/14

Location: Trinidad Recreation Center


ATTENDANCE: ~ 60 community members; ASL Interpreters; ANC members


Name Title Present
Robby Mann-Thompson Chair Y
Cynthia Hartley Vice chair Y
Sejal Patel Secretary Y
Dawn Boutelle Treasurer Y
Board members    
Matt Ashburn Social media lead Y
Brian Camus   Y
Marqui Lyons   Y
Erika Marshall   N
Jamie Berryhill   Y



Open Hands

  • TNA introduced Open Hands — the housing nonprofit that purchased a 4 bedroom unit on Oates Street.

Art in the Alley

  • Scheduled for May 10th

TNA introduced plans to conduct a Community Survey

  • TNA updated the community on status of community survey plans.
  • Community feedback on inputs for the survey included:

o   Issues with utilities – someone had their gas lines freeze in the winter

o   People dumping in yards of vacant properties

o   How can people get involved “Call to Action”– attend meeting, writing letters, volunteering.


Discussion with Councilman Kenyan McDuffie

  • DC budget approval process

o   $10.7 billion dollar budget FY 2015

o   Council votes on budget at end of May

o   Updated members on budget autonomy suit

  • Zoning issues and concerns –Zoning Regulation Review

o   Deadline for community input has been extended to September

o   Is aware of Ward 5 community’s widespread concerns about:

  • pop-ups,
  • reduced parking requirements for developers,
  • maintaining walkability,
  • maintaining livability for seniors (ward 5 has highest population of seniors)

o   Problems with “matter of right” with respect to pop-ups and other types of high-density and expanded housing and use of “variances” to control/oversee these developments

o   Discussed engagement with Zoning Commission chair Anthony Hood, and the willingness of zoning commission to engage the public/community

o   Described how DC Council has no direct authority over Zoning Commission

o   Encouraged Community to reach out to Zoning Commission and the Office of Planning with concerns/suggestions

o   Community raised concerns about effectiveness of DCRA in enforcing stop orders/legal challenges, etc.

o   Identified zoning studies – like those completed in Georgetown and Ledroit Park – as mechanisms for changing overall zoning

  • Effectiveness of Fire/EMS services

o   Hearings have been held to address recent events/deaths

o   Discussed problems under consideration by council, including staffing, hours, labor/management issues, resource allocations

o   Community expressed frustration with noise pollution from sirens; informed that there are strict protocols dictating when sirens can be used and may be a problem with enforcement.

  • Homelessness

o   Lack of adequate shelters for homelessness – noticeable issue over the course of the winter

o   Described legislation proposed to address some of the problem, e.g., defining minimum standards for shelters, etc.


Message from TNA chair

  • Chair of TNA reiterated the intent of TNA to prepare a letter to Zoning Commission with suggestion changes and requests.
  • Reminded community that membership is required to vote on and participate in developing zoning-related suggestions/requests/statements prepared by TNA.

o   11 new members recruited


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  1. I’d like to know more about the Open Hands house – I’m glad to hear that they were successful in purchasing a property in the neighborhood, and I hope that TNA’s letter of support was influential, in some way. They had been looking at a place on Owen, though. What led them to change location?

    Also, what comments were there about Anthony Hood from the councilmember? Positive, negative, neutral?

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