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Raze Permit Applications in Trinidad

To completely tear down a building in DC, the owner must have a raze permit from the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) and/or the Historic Preservation Office (HPO). Permits are posted each week on the DCRA website. There are two recent raze permits issued by DCRA for property in Trinidad.

The first is for the single family dwelling at 1108 Holbrook Street NE, right behind the BP Station. No permits have yet been issued for rebuilding on the site.


The second is for the property at 920 Bladensburg Road NE. This property, located adjacent to W.S. Jenks Hardware, will become a DaVita Dialysis clinic. Previous posts on the property can be found here, here, and here.


1326 – 1330 Montello Ave NE

Most residents that have lived in Trinidad for longer than two years remember the old doctor’s office that stood on the corner of Montello Avenue NE and Oates Street NE. In 2013 the developer, IS Enterprises, began to work on the site and sought variance to build a larger structure with more residential units that are allowed on a lot of that size. They received stop work orders from the District’s Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) for illegal construction and exceeding the scope of their issued permits. They did not have a permit to raze the structure but removed all but a few below grade walls.


There are three lots that comprise the now vacant site: 1326, 1328, and 1330 Montello Ave NE. They are fenced in but neighbors at a recent ANC5D06 meeting complained of illegal dumping, access to the site by youth, full portable toilets on site, and trash piled up along the sidewalks and in the alleyway. During the past two years neighbors have worked to clean along the fence line or reported it to the city for trash and weed removal when the sidewalks became impassable.

The Washington Business Journal reported today that permits were issued to begin construction of three two-family units on the lots. No additional information is available at this time but the units should fall within the new zoning regulations (limit of 35 feet; no more than 2 units per lot or 6 total). TNA will provide updates as construction begins if there are requests for variance through the Bureau of Zoning Adjustment.

To learn more about construction issues and housing in DC, there is a consumer protection forum on housing sponsored by the Office of the Attorney General this coming Monday evening at 6:30 pm. The location is the Benning Neighborhood Library at 3935 Benning Road NE.

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