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DC’s Flooding Fix Cuts Through Trinidad

DC Clean Rivers Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project aims to fix problems caused by the DistrictNE tunnel‘s too small sewer system. In times of heavy rain the system overflows, flooding streets and dumping waste water into the river. The NE Boundary Tunnel is one of several projects identified to provide a long term solution. It gives the excess water a place to go. In Trinidad, where Mt. Olivet Road and Montello Avenue experience chronic flooding, the project will go under Mt. Olivet Road. Construction is scheduled from June 2016 to April 2017. Prior to this, DC Water is conducting community outreach, presenting at TNA’s April community meeting, and surveying properties in the “zone of influence” — those buildings that may be impacted by the underground digging.  TNA has asked DC Water to provide more detailed information on what area is covered. Citizen participation is needed though the duration of the project to assure our quality of life is not negatively impacted by the effort to provide long-term flood relief. You can view the detailed presentation here:  NE Boundary Tunnel Presentation

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