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Family Housing in DC and Ward 5

Some residents attended the initial meeting about the DC plan to close DC General Family Shelter and open shelters across the city to address the needs for homeless families in DC. The location of the Ward 5 shelter was met with questions and concerns. Two other Ward 5 neighborhoods associations have scheduled a ward wide meeting to discuss the issue. Details about the meeting are included below for those that may wish to participate.


Dear Ward 5 neighbors,

Approximately a week ago Mayor Muriel Bowser first shared details about her plans to replace DC General Family Shelter with the homeless shelters in each of Washington, DC’s eight wards, including building a facility in a heavily industrial area at 2622 25th Place NE in Ward 5. Since then many residents noted the oversaturation of homeless shelters in this neighborhood already and expressed deep concern about housing families in a facility closer to a strip club than a grocery store.

On Monday, February 22 at 6:30pm, neighborhood association leaders will host a Ward 5-wide community meeting with Council Member Kenyan McDuffie about the homeless shelter location. Residents will have an opportunity to share their concerns with the proposed location and participate in a transparent process to identify dignified and residential sites for the District’s homeless families. With this community input, we look forward to collaborating with Mayor Bowser to select a more suitable site for Ward 5.
Meeting details are below. Please join us and encourage your neighbors to come as well!

Ward 5 Community Meeting on Homeless Shelter Locations
Monday, February 22, 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (EST)
New Canaan Baptist Church – 2826 Bladensburg Rd NE Washington, DC 20018


Langdon Park Community Association
Woodridge South Community Association


Security Camera Rebate Program

DC has announced a rebate program for security cameras in residential (up to $500 per address)  and commercial properties (up to $750 per address). Our neighborhood falls in a priority area where rebates can be made as long as funding remains available. The press release with links and additional information is included below. Cameras can serve as a crime deterrent as well as a way for victims to seek justice when crimes are committed.


February 17, 2016

Jordan Bennett (EOM) – (202) 727-5011; jordan.bennett@dc.gov
Christopher Dyer (OVSJG) – (202) 727-6331; christopher.dyer@dc.gov

Mayor Bowser Launches Private Security Camera Program as Part of Safer, Stronger DC Initiative

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, Mayor Muriel Bowser, along with the Director of the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants Michelle M. Garcia, officially launched the Private Security Camera Incentive Program. The program will provide rebates for the purchase, installation, and registration of a security camera system on the exterior of a building owned or leased by a resident, business, nonprofit, or religious institution.

Potential applicants can visit http://www.ovsjg.dc.gov or contact the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants at security.cameras@dc.gov or (202) 727-5124 for more information.

“The installation of private security cameras in the city is another step to deter crime and assist police during investigations,” said Mayor Bowser. “This innovative rebate program helps equip residents, small businesses, nonprofits and religious institutions with the tools they need to help prevent crime and identify suspects.”

The legislation to create the program was originally introduced in September 2015 as part of Mayor Bowser’s comprehensive public safety agenda, “Safer, Stronger DC.” Councilmember Charles Allen moved the legislation in January, following months of delay by the Judiciary Committee.

“I want to thank the Council for taking an important step forward,” continued Mayor Bowser. “But we have a lot of work to do to make the District safer and stronger. I call on the Council to take up other components of my Safer, Stronger legislative package.”

For more information on the Mayor’s Safer, Stronger DC package, visit: mayor.dc.gov/saferstronger.

Once the cameras are installed and registered with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), officers will be able to request the video footage from their owners while investigating criminal activity that may have occurred in the vicinity of the camera. In addition, the cameras will help serve as a deterrent to anyone considering a crime against a property – like burglaries and package thefts. MPD will not have live video access to the cameras.

Security cameras purchased and installed after September 22, 2015 are eligible for the program. For the first several months, only addresses within priority MPD police service areas (PSAs) can submit rebate applications. After August 1, addresses anywhere in the District can apply. There is at least one priority PSA in each Ward and they were selected based on crime levels and public safety indicators.

The priority PSAs are:
MPD First District: PSAs 104, 105, 107 and 108;
MPD Second District: PSAs 202, 207 and 208;
MPD Third District: PSAs 302, 303 and 305;
MPD Fourth District: PSAs 402, 403, 405 and 409;
MPD Fifth District: All PSAs;
MPD Sixth District: PSAs 602, 603, 604 and 608; and
MPD Seventh District: All PSAs.

To identify the PSA of a property address, please visit: http://geospatial.dcgis.dc.gov/PSAFinder.

The program has a budget of $500,000. Rebates will be issued so long as funding is available.

The program provides a rebate of:
Up to $200 of the purchase price per camera installed on the exterior of a residential building, with a maximum rebate of up to $500 per residential address; and
Up to $200 of the purchase price per camera installed on the exterior of a business, commercial, nonprofit, or religious institution with a maximum rebate of up to $750 per address.

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