Happenings Around Ivy City

There are many new opportunities and events taking place around us. The long awaited street car is expected to start carrying passengers on Saturday, February 27th, with an opening ceremony scheduled for 10 am at 13th and H (see the website for details).  There are also many new openings and happenings taking place in Ivy City that will benefit Trinidad residents. If you haven’t been over that way in a while, it would be worth checking out some of the new places.

Petco: They are expecting to open the store in the very near future. One employee noted that they were aiming for a February 22nd date for a soft opening but that may change as they continue to stock shelves. They also indicated that there would be many sales items and coupons available as they open. The store is located on New York Avenue, next to the MOM’s Organic Market.

IMG_5642 IMG_5646

Ivy City Smokehouse and Tavern: The Smokehouse is already open forIMG_5680 purchase of fresh fish and the neighboring tavern is expected to open in the next two weeks.They expect a menu of seafood related items as well as burgers. You can follow their Facebook page for news on the opening.






GyIMG_5682ms and Fitness: The Planet Fitness, Crossfit Hierarchy, and Bikram Yoga studios have been open for business in Hecht’s Warehouse.  Entrances for all three facilities are on Okie Street.






Bicycle Space: The new bike shop has started installations on Okie Street. The soft opening will be in March and the grand opening is expected in early April.

IMG_5688 IMG_5686

Big Chief: The restaurant on the corner of Fenwick and Okie Streets is opening in the next two months but did hold a sneak preview of the space for a recent event.




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