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What you missed at Tuesday’s ANC meeting

ANC5d nov15

The blog Frozen Tropics posted a review of the latest Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. Read through the storfied live-tweets and commentary to learn if one of the two meeting agendas prevailed and why 4 commissioners ultimately walked out of the meeting. There is also a link to a video recording of the meeting, up until a quorum was lost. Who needs the Real Housewives of Potomac when we have the ANC of 5D?

Last Night’s ANC 5D Meeting: A Tale of Two Agendas

ANC Meeting Tonight at 7 pm

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission will meet this evening at 7 pm at the Police Substation at 1805 Bladensburg Road. There are two agendas: one published a week ago (see link) and one published today on the Ward 5 List Serve (copied below).

If you are able to attend the meeting, please do so.

Public Meeting

November 10, 2015
7-8:30 p.m.
Fifth District Police Headquarters, 1805 Bladensburg Rd NE


1. Greetings/Call to Order Chairperson Kathy Henderson
2. Roll Call Secretary Yvonne Buggs
3. Public Safety Report Sergeant Dustin Bellavance
4. Development Project: ANC 5D01 411 New York Ave. LLC
5. Hecht’s Warehouse Development Paul Milstein and Team
6. Proposed Pepco/Exelon Settlement People’s Counsel, Sandra Mattavous Frye
7. Administrative Matters:

a) Motion to Pay Phone Bill
b) Treasurer’s Report
c) Approval of Minutes

8. Citizen’s Concerns All
9. Announcements: All

10. Adjournment


Petagay Lewis, 5D01
Keisha Shropshire, 5D02 Treasurer
Adam Roberts, 5D03
Bernice Blacknell, 5D04 Parliamentarian
Kathy Henderson, 5D05 Chairperson
Yvonne Buggs, 5D06 Secretary
Clarence Lee, 5D07 Vice Chairperson


Councilmember McDuffie’s Ward 5 Report

Ever wonder what our Ward 5 Councilmember has been up to? Here is a copy of his monthly report of his activities.

KM Banner

The Ward 5 Report

Dear Resident,

It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Mr. Frank Braxton, a proud Ward 5 resident who dedicated his entire life to public service.  Frank died after living over 100 amazing years.

Born and raised in the District, Frank lived through some of the most challenging years in the city.  Frank’s unwavering devotion to his community left an indelible impression in my, and everyone’s mind who had the privilege of knowing him.  Frank’s life was full of experiences that touched so many of our lives.  It was because of his loving spirit and because he had invariably been in our shoes at one point in time that Frank could talk with anyone, making us feel as if he had known us for years.  From starting as a shoe shiner, to working as a mail carrier, to serving our country in the United States Army, to serving as a civic leader, Frank had been there and done that.

Over his span of many years in public service, we will remember Frank for his dynamic civic leadership as a founding member of the Ward 5 Democrats. We thank him for his vision to empower Ward 5 residents by creating and sustaining a platform for our voices to be heard on issues that impact us. He also served the Edgewood community in various roles since 1958.

Frank proudly served our country in the United States Army.  Frank’s federal government service also includes his work as an employee for the Government Printing Office and the United States Postal Service.  Additionally, Frank served as the Vice President and Financial Secretary of the National Alliance of Postal and Federal Employees Union.

Most recently, what many residents recall about Frank is his contribution to public safety in the District.  Frank served as a Charter member of the Metropolitan Department Chief’s Advisory Council, served as the Chair of the Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council, and served as an appointee to the Civilian Complaint Review Board.  Frank was a fixture in the public safety community, and was sought after for advice on a myriad of policing issues.

Frank’s proven track record of public service and commitment to Ward 5 led to one of his many recognitions, a ceremonial resolution on his 100th Birthday by the Council of the District of Columbia, which I was proud to introduce.

Today, in memory of Frank, and with the support of Ms. Frances Penn – Chairwoman of the Fifth District Citizens Advisory Council, I have written to Chief Cathy Lanier to ask that the community room in the Fifth District Police Station be named after him.  Naming a community room after a man who dedicated himself to his community pales in comparison to his lifelong body of service, but is nonetheless a gesture that will serve to remind us all of his selfless nature.

Frank was an inspiration to me as I am sure he was to many others across the District.  Let us all keep the Braxton family in our thoughts and prayers.

In Service,


Legislative & Committee Updates

On October 21, the Committee on the Judiciary convened a public hearing to consider legislation to implement the District’s Body-Worn Camera program. Mayor Bowser has proposed the purchase and use of 2,800 body-worn cameras for the Metropolitan Police Department, however the Council must pass legislation creating regulations for the program before it can be implemented. Expert testimony at the hearing underscored the importance of putting forward thoughtful regulations that balance public access to the footage and the privacy of recorded individuals.

On October 21, Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie and Councilmember Yvette Alexander (D – Ward 7), Chairperson of the Committee on Health and Human Services, also held a joint public hearing on Councilmember McDuffie’s Bill 21-0360, the “Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Act of 2015” or “NEAR Act”; Mayor Bowser’s Bill 21-0357, the “Public Safety and Criminal Code Revisions Amendment Act of 2015”, Bill 21-0382, the “Bail Reform Amendment Act of 2015”, and Bill 21-0384, the “District of Columbia Good Time Credits Amendment Act of 2015”; and Councilmember Cheh’s Bill 21-0189, the “Police and Criminal Discovery Reform Amendment Act of 2015”.

Residents and advocates packed Room 412 of the John A. Wilson Building for a seven-hour hearing with forty-five public witnesses. Councilmember McDuffie started the hearing by noting that the Committee on the Judiciary’s Violent Crime Hearing on September 15th gave him the opportunity to hear from many individuals in the community who testified about the importance of community engagement and building partnerships. As a result, he worked on developing policies and programming that would engage the community, which culminated in the introduction of Bill 21-0360, or the “NEAR Act”.

Councilmember McDuffie also noted that each of the bills represented an opportunity to implement meaningful criminal justice programming that combines legislative, executive, and judicial reform. Many witnesses testified in support of viewing violent crime as a public health crisis and investing in evidence-based, front-end programs that address underlying factors such as trauma, mental health, and lack of opportunity. Witnesses also expressed their concern about responding to violent crime with over-policing, prosecution and incarceration, noting that if community members do not see criminal justice agencies as legitimate and fair, community-police relations would be negatively impacted.

Councilmember McDuffie recently appeared on News Channel 8 News Talk with Bruce DePuyt to discuss the surge in crime, and his upcoming violent crime roundtable on Wednesday, September 16, the first day that the D.C. Council reconvenes after summer recess. See the full video here:

McDuffie Kicks off 2015 DMV Week of Non-Violence

Week of Non-Violence

Photo Credit: Paul Holston/Tru1Photography

On Friday, October 9, Councilmember McDuffie joined the Black Women for Positive Change; Courtney Snowden, Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity; Benjamin Crump, National Honorary Co-Chair; Mayor William Euille (Alexandria, V.A.), Honorary Co-Chair of the DMV Week of Non-Violence Steering Committee; and Mel Franklin, Chair, of the Prince Georges County Council to kick off the 2015 DMV Week of Non-Violence held October 17-25 to promote and raise awareness of violence prevention.

Kenyan in the Community

McDuffie #YouthSpeakDC Non-Violence Summit


Teens packed the house at the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center on Saturday, October 17, for McDuffie’s youth-led summit against violence, #YouthSpeakDC. The summit, facilitated by WPGC 95.5 radio personality SunniAndTheCity was also a kick-off to the Black Women for Positive Change 2015 Week of Non-Violence, October 17-25, of which Councilmember McDuffie is a Co-Chair.

#YouthSpeakDC, brought forth an open and candid discussion with the panel consisting of 11 youth addressing topics on the spike in violent crime in the District, the power of social media, bullying, and the dangerous impact of synthetic drug usage. The youth ended the conversation providing recommendations of resources that they need to be productive such as mentorship opportunities in every recreation center with robust programming.

 As a result of the summit, Team McDuffie created a #YouthSpeakDC page on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that our youth will have this platform to engage on issues that impact them.

This ongoing effort will be in conjunction with the many partners that were active in planning, promoting and identifying youth.

Studio202DC provided live streaming for the discussion, now on demand. Click here:

Please join the conversation:

Twitter – @YouthSpeakDC
Facebook –
Instragram – youthspeakdc

Celebrating the Continuing Rebirth of Bertie Backus

On Monday, October 26th, Councilmember McDuffie joined Mayor Bowser, President Mason of the University of the District of Columbia, and the rest of the UDC community to celebrate the opening of a newly renovated wing at the Bertie Backus campus in Ward 5.

The East Academic Wing at Bertie Backus includes thirteen newly renovated classrooms, including labs for Information Technology, Nursing, and Architecture. As part of the continuing revival of Bertie Backus, the renovated space will help connect thousands of District residents to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the workplace. The renovation also included necessary upgrades to campuses utilities, ensuring that the space can be used efficiently and sustainably well into the future. Additional renovations are planned for the campus that would open even more space for the use of the UDC Community College.

Councilmember McDuffie took the opportunity to describe his own experience as a UDC student and to express his continued support for the growth and development of UDC. The Councilmember also voiced his support for the leadership and vision of the newly appointed President of UDC, Robert Mason, and Dr. Phillips, the Chief Executive Officer of the Community College.

McDuffie Visits John Burrough’s Elementary School

John Burrough's ES

On Friday October 23, Councilmember McDuffie had the opportunity to read to one of John Burrough’s Elementary School’s classes.  The occasion was made even more special because Ward 5 superstar, Ms. Samendy Lloyd, was surprised with a $10,000 donation from Carmax in her honor to kickstart the renovation of the library facilities.  In addition to Principal James, TV One was on hand to record the event.

Meet with Kenyan, Team McDuffie, and your Neighbors

Kenyan in the Community

On Thursday, October 22, 2015, Councilmember McDuffie hosted the first series of a new initiative called Kenyan In the Community. The concept behind Kenyan in the Community is for the Councilmember to informally meet with residents, allow neighbors to get to know each other, and for residents to engage with staff. With the major increase in homicides and criminal activity in Ward 5, McDuffie hosted this first series on the 1800 block of Otis St NE at the Dwight T. Mosley Field.

The week before selecting this location, the Councilmember did an impromptu neighborhood walk through with MPD’s Assistant Chief Diane Grooms, MPD’s 5th District Commander William Fitzgerald in addition to a host of staff and neighbors who joined in to express concerns or to just to say hello. During this time, the Councilmember, MPD, and staff brainstormed ways to better engage the community and to help curb some of the criminal activities in this particular area.

The first series of Kenyan in the Community brought out over 30 residents and community groups from all over Ward 5, not just those in the North Woodridge neighborhood to discuss topics ranging from crime/public safety, legislative concerns, and individual constituent questions. As a result of this event, Councilmember McDuffie will host the next Kenyan in the Community today in the Truxton Circle/Eckington neighborhood.


Keep Ward 5 Clean

Stay Connected

For more information, please visit or contact our office at (202) 724-8028. Follow Councilmember McDuffie at and/or

More Union Market Area Development

Kettler, Inc. is proposing plans to redevelop a large parcel in the Union Market area with 975 dwelling units, office towers and retail. Washington Business Journal has a write up on the initial proposal.

405 YOGA Opens next Friday

2015-09-17_DRAFT 405 Yoga Opening Flier 03AUalt-2

Our new neighbor, 405 YOGA, tells us they will open next week, Friday the 13th. The studio, which has two large practice spaces, is located at 1000 Florida Ave NE, on the corner of Florida and West Virginia Ave.  You can sign-up for classes now at to take advantage of Grand Opening specials. Grand Opening specials activate when you take your first class. There are a variety of classes offered each day, including classes led with ASL.

Construction Starting 1124-1126 Florida Ave NE

Only a small section of what was once Avilla's automotive repair shop stands today.

Only a small section of what was once Avilla’s automotive repair shop stands today.

Raze permits have been issued and construction will soon begin on the project at 1124 – 1126 Florida Avenue NE, the former site of a car repair shop. The project sought support from the community and revised plans were approved last summer. Links to previous posts are hereherehere, here, and here.

The raze permit was covered by the Washington Business Journal, which noted:

1124, 1126 Florida Ave. NE: Two raze permits were issued for a pair of single-story commercial buildings, which will be demolished to clear the way for a 52-unit condominium building coming to the Trinidad community. Pierce Investments LLC, the developer, earned the backing for its project from the Board of Zoning Adjustment in July. To pick up community support, Pierce reduced the height of the building by 3 feet, 6 inches, among other minor changes.

ANC 5D November Meeting (11/10)

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting will be next Tuesday. Details, agenda, and minutes from the October meeting are posted below. This agenda looks very different from past meetings and outstanding business issues have been moved to the earlier part of the meeting.



7:00 PM



Sign Up for Saturday’s Neighborhood Clean Up

Saturday, November 7th from 10 am to noon we will be focused on cleaning up Trinidad. We need volunteers to come out for an hour or two and help clear trash from our sidewalks.

Please sign up at the following link, BYOG*, show some Trinidad pride, and join us as we work to make our neighborhood even greater. Click on this link to sign up sheets.

See you on Saturday morning!

To see what BYOG means, click the link above.

Neighborhood Clean Up on Saturday, Nov 7!

Our fall neighborhood clean up is on Saturday.

It’s simple and will mean cleaner sidewalks and public spaces that we can all enjoy. How will this work?

  1. Stop by the Trinidad Rec Center or Joe Cole Rec Center to collect garbage bags and gloves between 10 and noon.
  2. Grab friends and neighbors to help out.
  3. Either clean up in areas designated at check in or clean up the blocks around your home.
  4. Bring full trash bags to the designated pick up sites.

We hope to have a large effort but need volunteers to come for an hour or two and help out. A small bit of time from many people will have a big impact.

Thank you and please spread the word!

Ivy City Development

The Washington Post ran an article about development taking place in Ivy City, our neighbor to the north. The link to the article is here. It is definitely worth a read.

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