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Special Meeting of ANC 5D


Since the regular monthly ANC 5D meeting devolved before the commissioners could conduct important business — like dealing with the unpaid phone bill — five of the seven commissioners have called a special meeting. The items on the agenda are the only ones to be discussed so they should be able to tidy up some ANC business.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Per DC Code § 1–309.11.3.c and ANC 5D Bylaws § V.4, Commissioners Blacknell, Buggs, Lee, Roberts and Shropshire have requested a Special Meeting of ANC 5D to address the below agenda items. Per ANC 5D Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order, only the below items may be discussed at this Special Meeting.


1. Roll Call

2. Approval of Minutes

a. September 10, 2015 monthly meeting
b. October 13, 2015 monthly meeting
c. November 10, 2015 monthly meeting

3. Approval of Q4 ANC 5D Financial Report

4. Administrative Matters

a. Resolution to add ANC 5D Treasurer as Authorized T-Mobile Account, Disconnect Existing ANC 5D T-Mobile Account
b. Resolution to Lease P.O. Box and Change ANC 5D Commission mailing address
c. Resolution to Establish ANC 5D Commission Web Site
d. Resolution to Establish Special Committee on ANC 5D FY16 Budget

5. Adjourn

What you missed at Tuesday’s ANC meeting

ANC5d nov15

The blog Frozen Tropics posted a review of the latest Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting. Read through the storfied live-tweets and commentary to learn if one of the two meeting agendas prevailed and why 4 commissioners ultimately walked out of the meeting. There is also a link to a video recording of the meeting, up until a quorum was lost. Who needs the Real Housewives of Potomac when we have the ANC of 5D?

Last Night’s ANC 5D Meeting: A Tale of Two Agendas

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