Zoning Special Exception Sought at 1107 Penn St NE

The Office of Zoning Bureau of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) has posted documents for a new zoning case to request a “special exception from § 223.1 to allow the proposed two-story rear deck addition to an existing single family residence that does not comply with 403.2, maximum lot occupancy, and 404.1, minimum rear yard setback requirements § (§ 3104).”

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 8.55.38 AMThe building on the site covers 60% of the lot, which is the maximum allowed and the existing building already extends beyond the rear yard setback required. Justifications include compliance with code for interior sleeping units, safety in the alley from crime and inclement weather.

The documents were not clear in whether this is special exception or a variance or both (both terms used in the same burden of proof document). Also this is a four-unit apartment building but there is reference to a single family residence in documents on-line.

Additional information can be found on the BZA website for anyone interested in learning more about the request. The currently listed case number is temporary (BZATmp2).

Photos of the site: 20140926_104330 20140926_104445


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