Recently there were efforts underway to recall three of the ANC5D Commissioners: 5D02 Keisha Shropshire, 5D03 Adam Roberts, and 5D06 Yvonne Buggs. For background on the ANC recall, please refer to the two previous posts.

The deadline to submit recall petitions with signatures to the DC Board of Elections (DCBOEE) was October 5th. No petitions with signatures were submitted for Yvonne Buggs (5D06) or Keisha Shropshire (5D02), the two Trinidad Commissioners impacted by the recall. It is good news that they can continue the work that they have been doing for the community without interruption or further distraction.

A petition with signatures was submitted by Mr. Motley against ANC 5D03 Commissioner Adam Roberts in Carver Langston. The process will continue in that case and DCBOEE has 30 days to verify all signatures. There must be 166 valid signatures for the process to continue and the results of signature verification will be reviewed at the November DCBOEE meeting. If signatures are verified, there will need to be a special election called by DCBOEE with a yes/no vote by citizens within ANC5D03. As noted in our earlier post, we would like to remind our neighbors that all ANC Single Member District Commissioners are up for reelection in 2016. As always we encourage competitive races at the ANC level, and challenging the incumbents at that time does not risk a loss in representation.


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