DaVita Dialysis Construction on Bladensburg Rd NE

DaVita Dialysis held meetings in the neighborhood last fall to request community support to move their site from 8th Street NE in Capitol Hill area to 920 Bladensburg Rd NE and again this spring to request support for parking variances in line with requirements for the new medical facility. While work has not yet started at the new location the building owner, 1933 Montana Ave LLC, recently submitted a request to the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) to raze the vacant auto repair building on the site. The building as it stands now cannot be brought to code to meet requirements for the new use so the raze permit is the first step in developing this vacant location.IMG_5343

You can find raze permits on the DC Office of Planning website. This application is listed in the August 4th report. The ANC will be notified on September 9th, per the August 4 report and there will be public notice of any hearings required for the raze permit.


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