Bureau of Zoning Case Updates

There have been a few cases requesting variance or special exception from the Board of Zoning Adjustment in the past few months. Here is an update on two recent cases that completed their BZA approval process.

BZA Case 18995 at 1254 Florida Avenue NE

This request was to construct a second story on an existing carriage house in the alley between Morse and Florida Ave NE. The special exceptions were unanimously approved by BZA.

BZA Case 18987 at 1124 – 1126 Florida Avenue NE

The case was before BZA on several times in June and July and after numerous meetings with the community. The applicant, Pierce Investments, submitted a final revised plan to BZA on July 7th. The final revisions, which can be viewed on the BZA site, include several changes to the variances requested:

  1. The request for height variance was dropped. Originally they asked for variance to build at 53 feet, 3 feet above the by right 50 feet. Instead of a higher ceiling commercial space, the developer may utilize the space for residential units if they cannot find a retailer that will rent a space with 10-foot ceilings.
  2. The fifth floor was set back 24.2 feet so that the height is not as visible and out of character with the neighboring town houses.
  3. Rear yard relief requested was reduced by 50%.
  4. The Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) requested was also reduced from 3.6% to 3.4%.

The BZA meeting on July 14th voted to approve the case. There were 3 votes in favor and one against relief requested.


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