What Economic Opportunity Would You Like to See in Trinidad?

DC Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity Courtney Snowden wants to hear your thoughts on how to improve our neighborhood. Join her for a discussion about job growth, economic development, safety, and health at 6:30 pm on Wednesday July 22nd at the Trinidad Recreation Center.

DMGEO vision tour


More on the DMGEO Community Vision Tour…

Vision Tour Overview 

The Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Development, Courtney R. Snowden, will host a Vision Tour with 6 stops in Wards 5-8 in order to: introduce herself and the office, inform residents of the agencies for which she manages, survey the interests and concerns of neighborhood residents and gather feedback and solutions from residents on how DMGEO and Mayor can better serve their communities. The sessions will host approximately 50 engaged and disengaged residents. 

Vision Tour Purpose 

The purpose of the Tour is to ensure residents partake in their city government’s decision making process. The DMGEO will listen and communicate with residents about how they envision the future of their communities. Topics of discussion will include education, jobs and job training opportunities, safety, health and wellness, and development of basic residential services. The Vision Tour will also educate residents on the role of government and how residents can hold government accountable in their communities in addition to equipping residents with the resources they need to help hold government officials accountable. 

Post Tour Goals 

At the end of each vision session, the DMGEO and her will compile the results of the residents surveys –  qualitative and quantitative feedback  in order to better understand the desires of residents in their communities. This information will shape the goals and objectives of the DMGEO’s office during the next six month.

For more information contact Tina Fletcher at 202-543-3068 or tina.fletcher3@dc.gov.


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