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Connect with Neighbors Nextdoor

NextdoorAre you on Nextdoor Trinidad?
What do you think? 

Nextdoor.com is a relatively new social network aimed at connecting actual people who live in the same neighborhood. Nextdoor Trinidad currently has 257 members. Users must sign up with a real name — no anonymous trolls — and a verified address within the neighborhood. You can also choose to widen any post’s range to include nearby neighborhoods, like Carver-Langston and Hill East. It functions much like a Yahoo or Google Group list serve, where information can be shared about such items of interest as community gatherings or bike thefts.

The Washington Post discussed the start-up service in 2013’s Won’t You Be in My Nextdoor Network?, the Huffington Post recommends the neighbor-network after being “won over by the verification process” while the New York Times takes a look at how the founders see the app producing a revenue stream.

You can sign up for Nextdoor Trinidad here.

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