Avoid Court: Free Dispute Resolution through Mediation

DC Courts has a Community Information and Referral Program (CIRP) of the Multi-Door Dispute Resolution Division for DC residents to reach compromise on disputes with family, neighbors, landlords or tenants. This is a free service in conflict resolution and a way to avoid going to trial with a judge. CIRP provides trained staff to support the parties in dispute to articulate arguments in a way that does not negatively impact relationships.

You can contact CIRP at (202) 879-3180 or by visiting Court Building C, 410 E Street, N.W., Suite 1700. Staff will conduct intake interviews and provide guidance on mediation steps or other services available. If mediation is recommended, that is a formal process that is conducted in person and results in a written agreement. Conciliation, a more informal process of resolving disputes by phone, is another avenue led by the CIRP staff to quickly resolve issues.

For additional information see: http://www.dccourtsnews.gov/content/dcsc-community-information-referral-program-public-services-without-case-filed.

Don’t let problems escalate. Call CIRP to see if this free and relatively quick service will be a timely solution to disputes.


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