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What’s the Future of Bladensburg Road?

Bladensburg Road Re-imagined!

bburg rd

Trinidad residents got a glimpse at what Bladensburg Road may look in the future. H Street Main Street is turning the corner to create a coordinated development strategy for the eastern edge of our neighborhood: Bladensburg Road from the Starburst Intersection to Mt. Olivet Road. Derrick Woody, a consultant with HSMS, gave a Bladensburg Road Re-Imagined presentation at the May TNA community meeting. You can view the presentation here BLADENSBURG ROAD PRESENTATION 

This is just a first step in the long-term planning process. Community input is essential throughout the process. Please direct any comments on the presentation or questions regarding the development strategy to Derrick at dlwllc.advisory@gmail.com.

In the meantime, expect to see more activity at the Starburst Plaza (where H St, Florida Ave, Benning Road and Bladensburg Road intersect). HSMS is planning for a farmers’ market, concerts and other activities this summer.

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