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New Community Agreements for Rose’s Liquor and Staples Beer & Wine

SMD 5D06 Community Meetingphoto credit: Frozen Tropics

Thursday May 7th 

7:00 PM

W.S. Jenks & Son Hardware Store

910 Bladensburg Rd NE

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Yvonne Buggs holds a community meeting this Thursday to discuss community agreements with two local stores, Rose’s Liquor located at 830 Bladensburg Rd NE and Staples Beer and Wine  at 1364 Florida Ave NE (aka Saba One Stop). Liquor license for both establishments are up for renewal with the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), which also gives the ANC, on behalf of the community, an opportunity to review and update their Settlement Agreements. The current agreements were made in 2009.

Per ABRA, “a settlement agreement (formerly known as a voluntary agreement) is a contract between an ABC licensee and most likely a protestant to a license. The agreement becomes a part of the ABC license. There are several enforceable and unenforceable items covered under the terms of an establishment’s settlement agreement.

Agreements typically cover items that impact the community and public safety such as noise, litter, parking and hours of operation. Mr. Yi Khen Ung from Rose’s and Mr. Jeff Jackson fro Staples are scheduled to be at the meeting, which begins at 7pm at Jenks Hardware Store. Community input is needed.

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