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Citizen Input Sought on a Variance for Proposed 8 unit Apartment Building Conversion Project (1328 Montello Ave NE)



Citizens are encouraged to provide feedback on a proposed 8-unit apartment building project planned at 1328 Montello Ave NE in the Trinidad Neighborhood.  The developer is I.S. Enterprises Inc. and they are requesting a variance to build 2 additional units in their planned apartment building. The developer obtained demolition permits and building permits for a proposed third story addition and interior renovation of a single family dwelling to convert it to a 6-unit apartment building. Such a conversion is a matter of right because Trinidad is zoned R4, but the request to build 2 additional units requires review by the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) and a public BZA hearing.  As a part of the zoning variance process, citizens may testify in person at the hearing or submit written comments to the BZA supporting, or opposing the variance. 

According to the District’s Property Information Verification System (PIVS) the developer was issued 2 Stop Work Orders (SWO).  One SWO was issued for illegal construction without a permit, and the second SWO was issued for exceeding the scope of the building permit.  That is in keeping with one of the major concerns expressed by neighbors that the developer has essentially razed the entire structure instead of constructing a third story addition. The developer has not met with the ANC or community groups about the project. The per the BZA case record, the District’s Office of Panning recommends denial of the variance, and neighbors have submitted letters of opposition.

For more information please see the following:

Interested residents can submit written comments to the Board of Zoning Adjustment at bzasubmissions@dc.gov referencing case number 18759,  or testify at the BZA hearing on July 15 at 9:30 am at 441 4th Street NW in room 220 South.  For more information, contact the Office of Zoning at 202-727-6311.

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association provides the above information in the public interest due to general concerns expressed recently regarding building heights, increased density, and neighborhood parking capacity.

Photo is courtesy of DC Citizen Atlas

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