5D Citizen’s Advisory Council Meeting TONIGHT

The Metropolitan Police Department works with an advisory panel in each police district. These councils are called the  Citizens Advisory Council (CAC) and each provide the district commander with information and recommendations from the community on the public’s safety problems and police service needs. Regular monthly CAC meetings in each district allow residents to meet and discuss police-related issues with the commander. The meetings also provide an opportunity for police officials to assess the impact of their crime-fighting efforts on the community.

The 5th District CAC meeting will be held tonight (September 24th) starting at 7 pm. The meetings are at the 5th District Police Station at 1805 Bladensburg Road NE.

The guest speaker this month is Attorney General Karl A. Racine. He will cover topics ranging from prisoner early release programs, crime reduction initiatives, and synthetic drugs.

The CAC meetings are open to all DC residents and are a place where you can take security concerns to discuss with the Police Commander.

Zoning Update: 1609 Levis Street

The hearing for the property at 1609 Levis Street was held on September 22nd. The Board of Zoning Adjustment unanimously approved the variance (lot width) sought. Background on the variance requested is in our previous posting.

REMINDER: TNA Meeting Tonight (9/22)

The Trinidad Neighborhood Association meeting will begin at 7 pm at the Trinidad Recreation Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

Crime Mapper

Do you ever wonder which way crime trends shift in the neighborhood or if what you are seeing matches statistics?

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) has a crime mapper that is used to search by address, Police Service Area, or District, and other geographic or site locators such as a recreation center, school, or ward. Timeframes can be 30 or 60 days, a year or calendar year to date. Statistics are measured against the same time frame in the prior year.

Not all crime are covered but it does track property crimes (theft, burglary, theft from auto, etc.) and violet crimes (homicides, sex assault, robbery, assaults, etc.).

You can access the tool on the Crime Map website.

Help Shape the Future

On September 16th Gallaudet University (GU) held an open community meeting to introduce the 6th Street and new Campus Gateway design competition and to explain how community members can be involved in the Shape Gallaudet process. GU owns parcels to the north and south of the Union Market building and warehouse. Those parcels and areas inside the GU fence along 6th Street (where garages and the motor pool are located along with other maintenance/grounds keeping spaces) are to be redeveloped with mixed-use space designated for retail, creative, cultural, and university use. GU Parcels

While the focus is on the west side of campus, it is important for Trinidad residents to provide insights as GU works to redefine its urban edge and integrate more closely with the surrounding communities. We have opportunity to, or do, interact with the campus environment daily. We live next to, or are, current or former students or staff.

There are two ways to become involved. The first is to enter the competition with a design team. The second is to provide “ideas, inspirations, sketches, images, and videos… The finest of these will be used to inform the briefing to be given to the design teams shortlisted after the first stage.” You can find details on submitting Shape Gallaudet ideas or entering the design competition on the design competition website. The deadline for submissions is October 1, 2015. The more robust the input the more the final gateway design will reflect an open and inclusive character that integrates into the broader neighborhood.

A copy of the presentation is attached to provide additional information (Community Announcement PPT Final) and you can read the announcement here.

Housing: Consumer Protection Forum

Pop-ups. Flips. Illegal Construction Activity. These are things you may be seeing in Trinidad with so many changes in the real estate markets in the past few years.

Attorney General Karl A. Racine is holding a Consumer Protection Forum on Construction Violations, Foreclosure Scams, and Mortgage Regulations, which will take place on Monday, September 28, 2015, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Benning (Dorothy I. Height) Neighborhood Library located at 3935 Benning Rd. NE, Washington, D.C. 20019. The purpose of the Housing Forum is to educate the community on the most common types of housing scams in the District, particularly illegal construction and house flipping. Many neighborhoods are seeing a significant number of houses that are being bought, rehabilitated, and sold for large sums of money. Many residents may also be confused about foreclosure and mortgage regulations. So, Attorney General Racine wants to allow you to hear from and ask questions directly to the relevant local and federal agency experts.

This will be a great opportunity to learn more and how to protect your property or yourself from scams.

Housing Forum Benning Flyer

UPDATE: Zoning Cases on Bladensburg and Montello Ave NE

There are three updates to zoning cases for Trinidad properties that were scheduled in the September 15, 2015 hearing of the Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA).

  1. The review of parking variance for the proposed dialysis facility on Bladensburg Road was delayed until October 20th. This is case 19004.
  2. Review of the parking variance for the Thornton Development property at the corner of Florida and Montello Ave NE was delayed until October 27th. This is case 19061.
  3. Case 19062 for parking variance on the Thornton Development property at 1112 Montello Ave NE, between Eli’s Carry Out and the alley, was reviewed and approved by BZA. Thornton Development requested exception from the width of two standard parking spaces. The 9-unit building has to have 5 parking spaces to meet requirements. Based on lot size, 5 spaces only fit if 2 spaces are sized for compact cars to save 1 foot and 3 inches of space. Interesting points of discussion from the publicly available video of the meeting include:
  •    DDOT did not have objection if Thornton Development also installed 3 long-term bike racks and 1 short-term bike rack. They agreed to do so.
  •    ANC 5D did not submit a letter or attend the hearing. The project had been discussed in previous ANC 5D06 Single Member District meetings. There was discussion on ANC 5D, the current “situation with internal conflict”, and difficulties of getting zoning cases on the Chair’s agenda. The Zoning Chair also noted that “They are having some serious issues in ANC 5D.” The discussion continued and the case was voted on without input from ANC 5D.
  •    There was opposition from a resident in the 1100 block of K Street NE who cited Zone 6 parking issues. He noted that he has had to park as far as three blocks from his house as Maryland residents park on their streets, clients of  H Street businesses park on their streets, and the additional parking pressure coming from new condos being built on Florida Ave NE in Zone 6 and Zone 5 will exacerbate the problem. He requested that ANC 6A be consulted on this issue with DDOT and BZA and that the case be delayed until such time and then heard in conjunction with BZA Case 19061. Mr. Anthony Hood, Chair of the Zoning Commission, noted that there has never been an issue with ANC 6A weighing in on projects that border two ANCs in the past. Mr. Lloyd Jordan, BZA Chair, noted that they would continue with the hearing as scheduled. What is important to note here is that ANC 5D, when better placed to react to zoning issues in the future, should also be consulted on projects in the neighborhood across Florida Ave NE.

The transcript of the hearing and other documents related to the BZA cases can be found on the Office of Zoning website.  Case numbers cited above can be used to search for documents related to these specific cases.

H Street Festival Traffic / Parking Reminder

The H  Street Festival will be held Saturday, September 19th from noon to 7 pm. H Street (from 4th to 14th Streets) will close earlier for set up and will remain closed until tear down and clean up are complete. Be prepared (and patient) for high traffic volume around the neighborhood and a lack of parking spaces in and around Trinidad, especially on streets to the south closer to H Street. There will also be changes to bus travel. At a minimum, as all of H Street from 14th Street to 4th Street will be closed, the X2, D8, and 90 buses will all be rerouted.

No press releases on road closures and transit changes are available yet from MPD, WMATA, or the H Street Festival but plan in advance for travel delays in moving about on Saturday (or walk down to enjoy the festival).

Fresh Farm Market at 13th and H Street indicated that they WILL be open regular hours on Saturday (9-12).

Councilmember McDuffie’s Ward 5 Report

September 9, 2015

John A Wilson Building

1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Suite 506

(202) 724-8028

KM Banner

The Ward 5 Report

Dear Resident,

As we continue the conversation on public safety, I encourage you to let your voice be heard on the issue. The Committee on Judiciary will hold a public hearing on rising violent crime in the District of Columbia on Wednesday, September 16, at 5:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, Room 500, at the John A. Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.

The 106th homicide of the year was committed in the District which represents a 45 percent increase, to date, over last year. These homicides, and other violent crimes, have devastated families and communities across the city. The purpose of the hearing is to discuss the steps that the city is taking to prevent and respond to violent crime, and to develop long term solutions to combat and prevent crime. We need to treat this violence, particularly the homicides like a public health crisis and as a city, we have to dedicate the necessary resources to cure the violence to include the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services. This is a multi-system approach to combating crime that takes the actionable steps that will not only mitigate the spikes in crime but also address the systemic issues that cause crime.

The hearing will also consider Bill 21-0261, “The Sale of Synthetic Drugs Amendment Act of 2015”.

I have been discussing strategies to combat crime in the District with Mayor Muriel Bowser, Chief Cathy Lanier, residents, representatives from the Department of Justice, and national and local organizations. As a result of those discussions, and additional research by my office, I will be introducing legislation to address the spike in violent crime when the Council reconvenes.

In Service,


Legislative & Committee Updates

DDOE Public Hearing on Ward 5 Paint Spray Booth Moratorium

The Council of the District of Columbia recently passed two laws that impact the quality of life for residents in Ward 5. Bill 21-0281 the “Ward 5 Paint Spray Booth Moratorium Emergency Act of 2015” and Bill 21-282 the “Ward 5 Paint Spray Booth Moratorium Temporary Act of 2015” prohibit the permitting of any additional automobile paint spray operations in Ward 5 as well as the issuance of permit renewals for facilities with permits expiring between July 23, 2015 and March 14, 2016.

The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) will host a public outreach meeting on September 29, 2015 at 5:00 p.m located at 1200 First Street, NE, 5th Floor.

Examples of regulation revisions DDOE is considering and seeks input on are as follows:

1.) Adoption of more stringent volatile organic compound (VOC) paint content standards currently in place in California and some other states;

2.) Possible VOC emission control strategies such as the use of carbon filters, carbon cartridges, carbon beds, or other control methods;

3.) Emission stack parameters, such as height restrictions;

4.) Paint booth design parameters; or

5.) Any other emission or odor control strategies that might be suggested at the stakeholder meeting.

The Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) will conduct a comprehensive review of the spray booth permitting process and revise regulations to address the concerns raised by the legislation. All unpermitted facilities have been directed to cease operations. Any facility with a permit that expires during the moratorium period will be required to stop operations when their permit expires. If any auto body painting occurs at a facility operating without an active permit, they may be subject to fines or other penalties.

Those planning to attend the meeting must notify Mr. William Bolden at 202-535-2250 or william.bolden@dc.gov by September 28, 2015.  Written suggestions may also be submitted by mail to Mr. Bolden at 1200 First Street N.E., 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20002 by September 28, 2015.

McDuffie Talks Solutions to Spike in Crime on NewsTalk

CM on News Channel 8

Councilmember McDuffie recently appeared on News Channel 8 News Talk with Bruce DePuyt to discuss the surge in crime, and his upcoming violent crime roundtable on Wednesday, September 16, the first day that the D.C. Council reconvenes after summer recess. See the full video here:

Kenyan in the Community

KRM Two Rivers

McDuffie Celebrates Two Rivers Opening in Langston Carver Community

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, Councilmember McDuffie joined Mayor Muriel Bowser, Deputy Mayor for Education Jennifer Niles, Councilmember Charles Allen, and State Superintendent of Education Hanseul Kang to celebrate the re-opening of the Charles E. Young School for  Two Rivers Public Charter School.

Two Rivers Public Charter School is an extraordinary institution that continues to attract families from all across our city. The school is known for its expeditionary learning approach, which instills in every student the importance of being brave, observant, active, and thoughtful in everything they do. Councilmember McDuffie is pleased that Two Rivers will begin to meet the demand with a new home in Ward 5, where they will have an opportunity to serve even more of our young people. Two Rivers will be a great addition to the Langston Carver neighborhood and to Ward 5 and will bring life and vitality to the Young School.

McDuffie Celebrates AJ Cooper III with a Day of Service


As you know, last year, D.C. lost AJ Cooper III, community leader and Councilmember McDuffie’s great friend. The D.C. Council passed a resolution declaring AJ’s birthday as a day of service. Councilmember McDuffie was honored to celebrate his life on August 17, at Browne Educational Campus for Martha’s Table Summer Market distributing healthy produce to DC residents.

Community Bulletin Board


McDuffie to Speak on CBC ALC Policing Reform Panel

Please join Councilmember McDuffie on Thursday, September 17, for the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Incorporated (CBCF) 45th Annual Legislative Conference (ALC) policy session on police reform legislation at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, room 145B from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

CBCF’s theme this year is “With Liberty and Justice for All?”  The policy session co-hosted by the National Bar Association will focus on Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver’s policing reform legislation. Attendees will also be briefed on gun camera laws, the Fourth Amendment (search & seizure) of the Constitution, the legality of recording police activity and how citizens should respond if, and when, they interact with police officers. In addition, panelists will address issues of racial bias in policing and the criminal justice system.

CBC Health Braintrust

DC Trust Announces Community Partnerships Mini-Grants Initiative


DC Trust Announced the Community Partnerships Mini-Grants Initiative to support programming in violence prevention, mentoring, youth enrichment and family supports in priority communities, including the Langston/Carver community.

DC Trust will hold information sessions for organizations and individuals interested in applying for Community Partnerships Mini-Grants on Wednesday, September 23 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity located at 2235 Shannon Place SE, Suite 3040.

For more information, visit here.

Stay Connected

For more information, please visit http://www.kenyanmcduffie.com or contact our office at (202) 724-8028. Follow Councilmember McDuffie at twitter.com/CM_McDuffie and/or facebook.com/KenyanRMcDuffie.

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DPR’s Fall Programing

IMG_1134Trinidad is fortunate to have two DC Recreation Centers: Trinidad Recreation Center and Joe Cole Community Center. See the line-up of fall programs there as well as throughout the District.

DPR Announces Open Registration for 2015 Fall Programs
There’s Something for Everyone

DPR Customer Service: (202) 673-7647
DPR Media Contacts: John Stokes, (202) 288-7275; john.stokes@dc.gov

(Washington, DC) – The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) announces registration is open for 2015 Fall Programs. New this season, DPR is offering “No Cook” Cooking, Kid Fit, Rugby, Young Men, Future Leaders, and Enrichment Zone. These will join the ever-popular programs such as Zumba, Water Aerobics, Afternoon Access, Young Ladies on the Rise and more. There are hundreds of options for DC residents across all eight wards and all ages to recreate, educate or just relax.

To see a full listing of programs, visit DPR’s Register for a 2015/2016 Program website page or go directly to the A to Z ASAP Program Index page for the entire list of summer programs, activities and classes offered. Feel free to browse the many programs that DPR offers without creating an account. However, in order to register for a program, an ASAP account must be created first for each program participant enrolled. Once an account has been created, please feel free to log in immediately. Frequent users are encouraged to log in first, before reviewing the A to Z Program Index, for faster service.

Visit http://dpr.dc.gov/service/register-program for aquatics registration.


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