Minutes for April Meeting


Date: 4/22/14

Location: Trinidad Recreation Center


ATTENDANCE: ~ 60 community members; ASL Interpreters; ANC members


Name Title Present
Robby Mann-Thompson Chair Y
Cynthia Hartley Vice chair Y
Sejal Patel Secretary Y
Dawn Boutelle Treasurer Y
Board members    
Matt Ashburn Social media lead Y
Brian Camus   Y
Marqui Lyons   Y
Erika Marshall   N
Jamie Berryhill   Y



Open Hands

  • TNA introduced Open Hands — the housing nonprofit that purchased a 4 bedroom unit on Oates Street.

Art in the Alley

  • Scheduled for May 10th

TNA introduced plans to conduct a Community Survey

  • TNA updated the community on status of community survey plans.
  • Community feedback on inputs for the survey included:

o   Issues with utilities – someone had their gas lines freeze in the winter

o   People dumping in yards of vacant properties

o   How can people get involved “Call to Action”– attend meeting, writing letters, volunteering.


Discussion with Councilman Kenyan McDuffie

  • DC budget approval process

o   $10.7 billion dollar budget FY 2015

o   Council votes on budget at end of May

o   Updated members on budget autonomy suit

  • Zoning issues and concerns –Zoning Regulation Review

o   Deadline for community input has been extended to September

o   Is aware of Ward 5 community’s widespread concerns about:

  • pop-ups,
  • reduced parking requirements for developers,
  • maintaining walkability,
  • maintaining livability for seniors (ward 5 has highest population of seniors)

o   Problems with “matter of right” with respect to pop-ups and other types of high-density and expanded housing and use of “variances” to control/oversee these developments

o   Discussed engagement with Zoning Commission chair Anthony Hood, and the willingness of zoning commission to engage the public/community

o   Described how DC Council has no direct authority over Zoning Commission

o   Encouraged Community to reach out to Zoning Commission and the Office of Planning with concerns/suggestions

o   Community raised concerns about effectiveness of DCRA in enforcing stop orders/legal challenges, etc.

o   Identified zoning studies – like those completed in Georgetown and Ledroit Park – as mechanisms for changing overall zoning

  • Effectiveness of Fire/EMS services

o   Hearings have been held to address recent events/deaths

o   Discussed problems under consideration by council, including staffing, hours, labor/management issues, resource allocations

o   Community expressed frustration with noise pollution from sirens; informed that there are strict protocols dictating when sirens can be used and may be a problem with enforcement.

  • Homelessness

o   Lack of adequate shelters for homelessness – noticeable issue over the course of the winter

o   Described legislation proposed to address some of the problem, e.g., defining minimum standards for shelters, etc.


Message from TNA chair

  • Chair of TNA reiterated the intent of TNA to prepare a letter to Zoning Commission with suggestion changes and requests.
  • Reminded community that membership is required to vote on and participate in developing zoning-related suggestions/requests/statements prepared by TNA.

o   11 new members recruited

Next meeting: April 22 at 7pm

Our next meeting is Tuesday April 22 at 7pm at the Trinidad Recreation Center (1350 Childress St NE).  We’ll hear from Councilmember McDuffie and also discuss the DC zoning regulations review, including draft recommendations to be submitted by the Trinidad Neighborhood Association.



REQUEST FOR COMMENTS: Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR)

The District of Columbia Office of Planning (OP) is in the process of revising the District’s zoning regulations. The OP has prepared a Zoning Regulation Review (ZRR) summary for ANC 5D; Trinidad is in ANC 5D.  The proposed changes include: land use permissions; low density residential housing; parking; accessory apartments; alley lot housing; corner store; commercial zoning; industrial zoning; downtown; and campus / school plan proposed provisions.

As announced during our March meeting, the Trinidad Neighborhood Association (TNA) plans to submit written testimony commenting on the ZRR as it applies to the Trinidad neighborhood, and we need your input. Because the final comments are due to the Board of Zoning on April 25, 2014, we ask that you please review the ANC 5D ZRR summary and submit your comments to trinidadneighborhood@gmail.com (Subject: ZRR) by April 10th, 2014. Based on your input we will draft written testimony, and submit the final draft to our members for their approval.

DC Department of Housing and Community Development Projects in Trinidad

In 2011 the DC Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) built on ongoing initiatives to develop a comprehensive strategy to address housing challenges in the Ivy City and Trinidad neighborhoods. The comprehensive strategy became the Ivy City and Trinidad Neighborhood Stabilization Initiative. In February, 2014 the DHCD announced the following:

Excerpt from the February Department of Housing and Community Development’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission Newsletter

Department of Housing and Community Development closed with Horizon Hill Holdings, LLC developer on the first week of February 2014 on the Trinidad properties, providing $904,380 in Neighborhood Stabilization Program funding. The project will provide nine affordable for purchase dwelling units for individuals and families whose incomes are 50 to 80% area median income. The units will be developed on five scattered sites in the Trinidad/Ivy City neighborhood in Northeast. The construction activity will include the rehabilitation of one multifamily building and new construction on 4 vacant lots. Exact Site Locations: 1214 Staples St NE; 1214 Montello Ave NE; 1259 Holbrook St NE; 1612 Montello Ave NE; 1663 Montello Ave NE. Image



Final Florida Ave. NE Traffic Safety Meeting – Wed., April 2 at 7PM Two Rivers Public Charter School

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is hosting a third and final public meeting to guide the Florida Avenue Multimodal Transportation Study.


Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR) summary for ANC 5D


The District of Columbia Office of Planning has prepared a summary of the Zoning Regulation Review (ZRR) proposals as they specifically relate to each individual Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC).  Trinidad is in ANC 5D.  The proposed changes include: use permissions; low density residential; parking; accessory apartment; alley lot; corner store; commercial zoning; industrial zoning; downtown; and campus / school plan proposed provisions.

Link:  Zoning Regulations Review (ZRR) summary for ANC 5D

Trinidad Neighborhood Association Meeting March 25, 2014

Trinidad Neighborhood Association Meeting March 25, 2014

Second Play DC: Trinidad Playground Renovation Community Meeting Second Play DC: Trinidad Playground Renovation Community Meeting 3/6/14 @ 6:30pm

Second Play DC: Trinidad Playground Renovation Community Meeting Second Play DC: Trinidad Playground Renovation Community Meeting 3/6/14 @ 6:30pm

Trinidad Neighborhood Association Meeting February 25, 2014


DC Water’s Public Meeting on the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project Environmental Assessment

DC Water invites you to attend an upcoming public meeting on February 27, 2014 to learn more about the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project (NEBT). The primary purpose of this 5-mile long, 23-feet diameter tunnel will be to help convey combined sewer overflows away from local water ways and also provide flood relief to chronic flood areas in the Northeast Boundary area of the District. A part of the tunnel is planned to be built under Mt. Olivet Rd NE. The meeting is a follow up to DC Water’s meeting and open house held on October 17, 2013.

Since the first public meeting, DC Water has completed the Environmental Assessment and would now like to share its contents with you and get your feedback. The meeting information is as follows:

DC Water Public Meeting on the Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project Environmental Assessment
Thursday, February 27, 2014
6:30pm – 8:30pm
McKinley Technology High School
151 T Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002

For more information or for individuals requiring special assistance at the meeting, please contact DC Clean Rivers Community Outreach at (202) 787-4447 or by email at dccleanrivers@dcwater.com.

Project Website:



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