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ANC Meeting Tonight at 7 pm

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission will meet this evening at 7 pm at the Police Substation at 1805 Bladensburg Road. There are two agendas: one published a week ago (see link) and one published today on the Ward 5 List Serve (copied below).

If you are able to attend the meeting, please do so.

Public Meeting

November 10, 2015
7-8:30 p.m.
Fifth District Police Headquarters, 1805 Bladensburg Rd NE


1. Greetings/Call to Order Chairperson Kathy Henderson
2. Roll Call Secretary Yvonne Buggs
3. Public Safety Report Sergeant Dustin Bellavance
4. Development Project: ANC 5D01 411 New York Ave. LLC
5. Hecht’s Warehouse Development Paul Milstein and Team
6. Proposed Pepco/Exelon Settlement People’s Counsel, Sandra Mattavous Frye
7. Administrative Matters:

a) Motion to Pay Phone Bill
b) Treasurer’s Report
c) Approval of Minutes

8. Citizen’s Concerns All
9. Announcements: All

10. Adjournment


Petagay Lewis, 5D01
Keisha Shropshire, 5D02 Treasurer
Adam Roberts, 5D03
Bernice Blacknell, 5D04 Parliamentarian
Kathy Henderson, 5D05 Chairperson
Yvonne Buggs, 5D06 Secretary
Clarence Lee, 5D07 Vice Chairperson


ANC Recall UPDATE Round 2

News has been coming fast on the ANC 5D recall efforts. This morning ANC 5D03 Commissioner Adam Roberts provided an update on Twitter about the recall petition against him. The deadline to submit petitions was met but the DC Board of Elections determined that the required number of signatures was not met. His post is below.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.40.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.40.52 PM

Video of the August ANC 5D Meeting

Miss the recent ANC meeting on August 11th?

A resident of Carver-Langston takes video of our ANC meetings, as they are public forums. The videos are available to watch on YouTube if you want to keep up with events in ANC 5D. The links below are to the Twitter notices of the videos and a link to the videos on YouTube. The videos are in sections to facilitate taping and uploading/downloading files.

Video Part 1 notice:

Part 1 YouTube:

Video Part 2 notice:

Part 2 YouTube:  

Video Part 3 notice:

Part 3 YouTube:

Video Part 4 notice:

Part 4 YouTube:

ANC Recall Election Process

There have been some recent developments in Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 5D that merit highlighting as they impact the Trinidad neighborhood. Two of three ANC Commissioners in Trinidad are being recalled along with one Commissioner from Carver Langston. TNA cannot set forth an opinion unless there is a vote of paid members or a special meeting organized and properly noticed at least 7 days in advance to discuss the issues. While TNA cannot weigh in on merits of the allegations, there is concern that if the recalls are successful Trinidad will be lacking representation for an undetermined amount of time. Residents should be aware of the process initiated and underway as well as consider potential impact of gaps in elected leadership.

For additional information on ANC meetings, you can listen to audio of most recent meetings online. Some meetings are also on YouTube or on blogs or Twitter feeds (#ANC5D). The DC Board of Elections has detailed information on the recall process. You can view that site here for information. Specifics on the three recall petitions are briefly outlined below.

On July 10th, George “Action” Jackson, resident and candidate in the last election, filed paperwork with DCBOEE to recall ANC 5D06 Commissioner Yvonne Buggs and resident Steve Motley filed paperwork to recall ANC 5D03 Commissioner Adam Roberts. On July 16th, Darlene Miles Harrison, resident and candidate in the last election, filed paperwork to recall ANC 5D02 Commissioner Keisha Shropshire. Each Commissioner was served with a notice of intent to recall letter from DCBOEE with the petitioners’ statement of reasons for the recall. The elected officials were then given opportunity to prepare a written response of 200 words.

In their August 5th meeting (agenda at nr_1739), DCBOEE reviewed all three petitions and responses. As there were no changes to the statements provided by petitioners or Commissioners, the board approved the draft petitions as final for circulation (see below for copies). DCBOEE does not investigate allegations in the notice of intent to recall; they simply verify that what was submitted to them is included in entirety on the petition to be circulated. Once approved, the petitioners were to make double side copies that have both statements affixed on page one*. They can then begin collecting signatures from 10% of the registered voters in the Single Member District (SMD). The numbers established by DCBOEE, based on registered voters at a given date just prior to the date the petitions were submitted, are 181 signatures in ANC 5D06, 166 signatures in ANC 5D03, and 160 signatures in ANC 5D02. All petitions are to be returned to DCBOEE on October 5, 2015. If all signatures are validated by DCBOEE, there will be a special election called in each SMD to vote for/against a recall of the Commissioner previously elected.

If successful in the recall election, there will not be representation at the ANC level in those SMDs until such time as another special election is held and a new candidate duly elected and sworn in. In this scenario, the seven person ANC 5D would be reduced to four with only one representative from Trinidad. That would impact Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) protests; work with the Bureau of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) on variances and special exceptions, including for those residents that need to seek exception; and resident input on traffic, parking, recreation, street improvements, economic development, police protection, sanitation and trash collection, and the District’s annual budget. These are areas where the ANC is given weight on policies and procedures. (See for information on the role of the ANC).

Again, the intent of this posting is to be informative and provide links for additional information but not express an opinion or discuss allegations made by petitioners. DC residents were given right to recall any elected official in 1979 with passage of the Initiative, Referendum, and Recall Procedures Act. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact the Office of the ANC, DCBOEE, a Councilmember, your Commissioner, or other elected official.

A-Roberts Y_Buggs K_Shropshire

* A DCBOEE staff person did make those copies for 2 of the 3 petitioners in the DCBOEE offices, which may or may not be permitted by DCBOEE procedures.

ANC 5D06 Meeting on Pierce Investment Project on Florida Ave

SMD5D06 June 26 Commissioner Yvonne Buggs is holding another meeting with representatives from Pierce Investments in regard to their development project at 1124 – 1126 Florida Ave NE. The developers have made changes to previously presented plans for the large condo complex planned for the former Avilla auto repair shop.  The meeting is Friday June 26th at 7pm at New Samaritan Baptist Church, 1100 Florida Ave NE.

Read related posts about this project noted below.

ANC 5D02 Meeting to Discuss Kovak’s Liquor License Renewal

Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Single Member District 5D02

Community Meeting with Commissioner Keisha L Shropshire

Saturday, May 23, 2015, 1:003:00 p.m.

Trinidad Recreation Center

1310 Childress Street, NE

Washington, DC 20002


  1. Welcome & Introductions
  1. PSA506 Public Safety Update & Community Concerns – DC Metropolitan Police Department
  1. Kovak’s Liquor License RenewalKovak's

Community constituents will share their perspectives regarding Kovak’s Liquor, current community challenges, and discuss strategies for improving the community. Please come prepared to share your ideas and recommendations.

  1. Closing/Wrap-up

RSVP to Commissioner Keisha L Shropshire at:

Phone: (404) 245-6772  or (202) 688-5443


Twitter: @shropanc5d02

Facebook: Commissioner Keisha L Shropshire






FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2015 – 7:00 PM

Per DC Code § 1–309.11.3.c and ANC 5D Bylaws § V.4, Commissioners Blacknell, Buggs, Lee, Roberts and Shropshire have requested a Special Meeting of ANC 5D to address the below agenda items. Per the bylaws, only the below items may be discussed at this Special Meeting.


  1. Roll Call                                                            7:00-7:05
  2. 5D Liquor License Protest(s)                            7:05-7:25
  3. Approval of Minutes                                         7:25-7:50
    1. January 13, 2015 monthly meeting
    2. January 23, 2015 special meeting
    3. February 10, 2015 monthly meeting
    4. March 10, 2015 monthly meeting
    5. April 14, 2015 monthly meeting
  4. Approval of FY15 Q2 Financial Report                      7:50-7:55
  5. Letter of Support for Level 2 Development’s (320 Florida Ave., NE)              7:55-8:00
  6. Adjourn

ANC 5D Special Meeting Notice – May 22 2015

Meeting on proposed zoning exception at 1125 Neal St. NE: Monday, December 9

Join Commissioner Tina Laskaris (ANC-5D06) for a Single Member District meeting on Monday, December 9, 2013, 6:30 pm at Joe Cole Rec Center.

Representatives from Higher Development Academy (HDA) will provide a presentation of their plans to establish a private school for adults at 1125 Neal St. NE, adjacent to Center City Charter School. Holy Name Catholic Church will lease the building to HDA.

The property was previously used as a child development center, and HDA is seeking a Special Exception from the Board of Zoning Adjustment to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy to use the building to work with adults rather than with children.
SMD-5D06 Mtg 12.9.13_Holy Name and HDA

Meeting on proposed development at Florida & Orren NE: Monday, November 18

Join Commissioner Tina Laskaris (ANC-5D06) for a Single Member District meeting on Monday, November 18, 2013, 6:30 pm at Joe Cole Rec Center. The discussion will focus on the proposed Lock 7 development at the corner of Florida Ave. and Orren St. NE.

SMD MTG NOV 18_LOCK7 flyer

ANC-5D monthly meeting: Tuesday, February 12

What: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B Monthly Meeting<

When: Tuesday, February 12, 7-8:30 pm

Where: MPD-5D headquarters, 1805 Bladensburg Road NE

1.      Welcome and Call to Order – Chairperson
2.      Reading and Approval of Minutes – Secretary
3.      Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer
4.      Administrative Matters/Resolutions – 5D Commissioners
5.      Public Safety Report – Fifth District Representative
6.      Hecht Company Development Presentation – Douglas Development Team
7.      Citizen Concerns (open discussion)
8.      Adjournment


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